Charlie and Max Carver

Teen Wolf Season 3 New Cast

Behold thy breath everybody because four young and stunning actors are about to invade the Beacon Hills with the imminent coming of the highly anticipated Teen Wolf Season 3 from MTV that follows the story of Scott McCall and his gang which includes Allison, Lydia, Derek and Stiles. Furthermore, the arrival of these new characters in the series will surely bring some exciting twists in the story as the Season 3 focuses on the Alpha wars.

Alright, Charlie and Max Carver who is popular for playing the Scavo twins from Desperate Housewives are back and still portraying the identical twins Ethan and Aidan. They are alpha twins who are considered to be villains in the series and among the brilliant minds on the Alpha’s pack. They might be charming at first look but they are among the most dangerous characters on Teen Wolf Season 3.

There’s also Adelaide Kane who will play the character of Cora, a mysterious girl who have a very deep connection with Beacon Hills. She may have the same plot or behavior as Matt but not that maniacal one, yet she may have grudges against some individuals of the Beacon Hills. Furthermore, she’s a woman who grows up in hardship and it makes her tougher, and she may hold a very special secret of the Beacon Hills.

And here’s another sexy werewolf in town aside from Erica, her name is Kali, a ruthless and sexy as hell alpha werewolf. Furthermore, she may act as somewhat the rival of Allison; oh it’s just my opinion. But, this new girl in town will be portrayed by Felisha Terrell. And she had the guts that no alpha men can simply resist, is she the one will be able to make Derek begged on her knees? In addition, Kali is among the Alpha werewolves who invades the Beacon Hills and with that, there’s a fact that she’s a villain.

Oh well, I bet that everybody is craving to watch Teen Wolf Season 3, isn’t it? Alright, Teen Wolf’s latest season will start its production next week and it will be surely awesome to keep in touch with to get the latest news and updates about Scott, Allison, Stiles, Lydia, Derek and more from MTV’s Teen Wolf. This set of new stars in Teen Wolf cast will surely give us some exciting series of nights in the summer of 2012 for the premiere of Teen Wolf season 3.

  • karma

    cant believe Jackson it not going to be in the 3rd season

  • http://teenwolfthhunt tyquell.tucker

    When is season 3 coming on tv

    • The Teen Wolf

      it will return on summer 2013