Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 7: Currents

Watch Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 7: Currents Online – Monday night is finally here and of course, it only means that we are about to witness a brand new episode from the hit TV series from MTV which is Teen Wolf. Alright, Motel California really awakened our spirit last week with all of those weaknesses of the werewolves revealed. I think it provide us any idea about the past of the werewolves, especially Boyd. But, if you think that Teen Wolf already gives the climax for this season, you’re wrong but I can say that every episode of the story leads us into that breath-taking moment where we doubt our faith if one or more of ‘em will survive at the end of the day.

Alright, if we had been shaken up by Motel California, prepare for Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 7: Currents this coming Monday because it will ignite the fire of further conflict in the story. In fact, Derek’s battle for his own life continues as the Twins and Kali go after him. I think it will be good to see him on some kind of action again after his presumed death from “Frayed.” I just have this feeling that another Alpha may die or else, someone who is closer to Derek. It could be Cora but I think Ms. Blake is no longer safe since she enters Derek’s life which means she’s also in the danger zone in the werewolves circle.

One thing that may actually shock us is Deaton since this episode may explore his past – his relationships with the Hales, Argents and the Alphas; and why he had deeper knowledge about supernatural creatures. However, his life will be in danger too since he is also one of the most trusted person by Scott which means, he’s not safe at all from Deucalion.

What I really want to know now is the identity of the serial killer and I just wish that it will be revealed in this week’s Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 7: Currents. Of course, it is one of the main puzzles in the story that we really need to discover. So, don’t miss to catch this new episode on Monday night, July 15 at MTV.

As the danger begins to reach closer to Scott, threatening his trusted mentor and boss, Deaton, Kali and the Twins go after Derek.

  • Sandi

    Its abvious it grandpa argent that’s the dark druid. I really like this show, which was a surprise to me. I hope they find a better “romantic” intrest for D. Hale’s chracter. Also that the dialog gets better.

  • Teresa

    Can’t watch it