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Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 9: Party Guessed

Watch Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 9: Party Guessed Online – Breath taking and amazing are only few of the words that can describe the astonishing run of story from the MTV’s top rated TV series Teen Wolf. Alright, we’re only have four (4) more episodes left to enjoy in Teen Wolf Season 2, it’s maybe sad but we have to witness those remaining episodes with our naked eyes every other Monday night. In fact, everyone has been amazed by how the writers put that very complicated and twisted scenario in the series in such a short period of time and now, we’re soon to bid farewell to our favorite characters in the series and of course, everyone will also anticipate for Teen Wolf Season 3.

Throughout this season, we had seen the different characters in the series evolved from their previous characteristics in the first season and obviously, many things happened which is really easy to explain why they turn out to be like who they are right now. But there are certain scenario which is still a mystery to everyone, in fact, many questions still hanging in our head until now even though many secrets has been revealed already.

So, Jackson is the Kanima, Peter Hale is still alive on the hallucination of Lydia and he’s trying to get in touch with the real world by controlling Lydia’s mind. And the worst is that, Jackson is unstoppable on killing because of his master who is still unknown and everyone simply wants to know who it was. Gerard Argents is also a mysterious figure in this season and everybody wants to know his deepest secrets and what’s his knowledge about the existence of other shape shifters too. Probably, further details about his identity and his secrets will be unravel in Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 9: Party Guessed which is the succeeding chapter of the story after Allison’s mom has been bitten by Derek, and this scenario will surely change the course of the story, especially on Scott and Allison’s relationship.

Well, the presence of new characters in the series has been an awesome twist too, and now that we are on episode 9, the identity of Matt is still unknown and I have some guesses too about him. Maybe, he is something that have a special ability or something that’s connected to supernatural creatures or he’s simply the next boyfriend of Allison Argent? Alright, one thing is sure, whether Matt is something or not, he is something new that you must give an attention for his mysteriousness can surely kill everyone. The new werewolves on Derek’s pack which are Boyd, Isaac and Erica are kinda cool, especially Erica. In fact, her character is slowly being put in the pedestal because of some charismatic scene between her and our ever lovable Stiles Stilinski.

Alright, Derek is still hot and sizzling Alpha while the rest of the gang was simply awesome. And coming this Monday night, July 23, 2012 is the brand new episode of Teen Wolf. You people must not miss to see Lydia’s birthday celebration and guess what, its full moon and something is coming to surprise her; I mean surprise all of us. For Lydia will have a guess which will surprise everyone and I guess, I’m pretty sure that it might be the pretty alive Peter Hale that might surprise the gang, especially Derek. Suddenly, many things changed and gets complicated between Allison and Scott after her mother gets bitten by Derek. Alright, that’s really a cool things to expect from the series, therefore, everybody will surely watch Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 9: Party Guessed on Monday night. Unanimously, this is going to be crazy exciting and pretty awesome night and let’s hope that the identity of Kanima’s master will be revealed this time.

It’s Lydia’s birthday, and also a new full moon. As Derek locks his pack up, things get tense between Allison and Scott, due to the situations and dangers surrounding them.