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Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 11: Battlefield

Watch Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 11: Battlefield Online – Have you ever wondered guys on what will be the finale of Teen Wolf Season 2, or does it comes to your mind that one of the main characters will meet their death before the season ends? Well, after of the astounding series of episodes that we had witnessed from Omega up to Fury is somehow awesome and every episode never fail to deliver an exciting night to all Ten Wolf fanatics. Actually, this entire season kinda revolve on the story of Jackson being the Kanima and the complication between Scott and Derek as well as Allison’s family interfered on her relationship with Scott. The arrival of Gerard Argent on town makes the story more complicated for all of them as he is determined to avenge Kate’s death, so he wants Derek and all the werewolves in Beacon Hills dead.

As the story progresses, we slowly discover the Derek wasn’t strong enough to defeat the Kanima even though he is now the Alpha and he’s having some trouble on leading his own pack while Scott becomes an Alpha to his pack from being the Omega in the start of the season. The appearances of the mysterious guy Matt who manage to stalk Allison for a couple of days make a creepy impression on the audiences. Though he is a good looking guy, everyone can’t simply like him because the fact is that he is the Kanima master, until his true death arrived on the hands of Gerard that people felt so much sympathy for him. And now the Peter Hale is back to life, audiences are expecting for not a kid fight anymore but a full blooded scenario and battle between the shape shifters and the hunters.

And talking of battle, this week Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 11: Battlefield is going to be full of action, drama, romance, some comedy and of course bloody encounters from different twists in the storyline. As Allison continues on tracking down Derek and his pack, she might triumph on killing one of them, and I think, it might be Isaac or Erica after I watched the episode preview. On the other hand, Dr. Deaton is now helping Derek and we know that he vow to protect the last blood of the Hale family and now, it’s Derek because he promised it to the mother of our sexy Alpha.

There’s also Scott who’s planning to take down Gerard while trying his best too, to make damage not that much fatal to everyone. But Jeff Davis said that one of the main characters will die, it only means that further damage will surely arrive to all of them. And the Sterek moments just keep the audiences burning desire for some funny scenes are still on fire.

Alright, one of the things that we should keep an eye on this week episode of Teen wolf is the Lacrosse game championship on which we might see Stiles playing or he might turn into a werewolf or else, she’ll kiss a girl in the identity of Erica. And there’s also Jackson who might bring terror and disaster on the lives of everyone on the field during the events and Peter is ready to take a step on fighting either Derek or Gerard, much more it might be Gerard for Peter might use the Kanima too for his own purpose.

So, that’s it, I told yah guys that you better not miss to watch Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 11: Battlefield by your naked eyes either online or on your television this coming August 6, 2012. And of course, our Monday night will be on fire once again because of many twists and twirl from the series as Teen Wolf is becoming one of the hottest and more glorifying series in summer for this year.

Scott plays in the championship Lacrosse game and must also figure out a way to stop Gerard. Meanwhile, Allison continues her hunt for Derek and his pack.