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Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 5: Venomous

Watch Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 5: Venomous Online – Exciting as ever, a new episode of Teen Wolf is coming to spill the beans about the identity of the ever disputed shape shifter ‘Kanima’, the lizard creature who keeps on killing everyone in Beacon Hills. And for sure, this will gonna rock our night watching habit and turn us upside down once we discover the identity of the lizard monster who’s purpose in existing is just to kill. Probably, this is going to be the climax of the first 6 episodes of this season and for sure the succeeding episodes are going to be more revealing and exciting as it gives us what will and what danger might happen in our favorite characters in the series.

Alright, Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 5: Venomous will deliver us in the scenario wherein Scott do everything and whatever it takes just to save and protect Lydia for Derek plans to kill her after thinking that she is the Kanima. But the big question this time, is Derek be able or have the ability to match the power of the Kanima even though that he is now the Alpha? At the same time, who among Jackson or Lydia or any other else is the Kanima for they are the frontline of this intrigue about the identity of the killer shifter.

In fact, there are more things that we should keep an eye with on the next episode including the plan of Gerard on how is he going to eliminate werewolves in existence. And I just can’t wait the scenario that will make Allison a total badass to happen. Maybe it is something to serious that will make her to change and maybe to career herself as a hunter and maybe she will desire to kill werewolves too including Scott McCall.

So, for all of us to find out more, we better not miss to watch Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 5: Venomous by our naked eyes so that we can have a clearer view on what the hell is going to happen in the new episode. But one thing is sure, Scott and Stiles are going to rock our night watching habit this coming Monday, June 25, 2012 just to protect Lydia from the ferocious and badass Derek Hale.

Derek thinks Lydia is the new creature, forcing Scott to do whatever it takes to protect her.