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Teen Wolf TV Series on MTV

teen wolf tv seriesWerewolves are being feared by many, but many was not yet aware that werewolves are totally hot and amazing guys, and if you want some proof about this fact, check out the new TV series that will hooked most of the teens this 2011.

Teen Wolf is the new American television series for MTV this 2011 mixed with drama, Supernatural, Horror and Romance. It stars one of the hottest guys of the new generation Tyler Posey as Scott McCall. Scott is a high school lacrosse player who gets bitten by a wolf while he wandering around the woods in search of a dead body, On top of dealing with his night time transformations into a werewolf.

His life will change for he is not an ordinary human anymore; he has the abilities like the wolf and the strength like a beast though his life was so complicated, Scott will start to fall in love with the new girl in town, Allison (Crystal Reed). The show also stars Dylan O’Brien as Scott’s best friend Stiles, Tyler Hoechlin as an older werewolf and Holland Roden as popular girl Lydia.

The Teen Wolf series is set to premiere on June 5, 2011, following the MTV Movie Awards. Along with the cast includes Tyler Posey as Scott McCall, the titular teen wolf, Crystal Reed as Allison, Tyler Hoechlin as Derek Hale, Dylan O’Brien as Stiles, Holland Roden as Lydia.

Teen wolf was first starred by Michael J Fox by the year 80’s, But if you have second thoughts of watching Teen Wolf of 2011, MTV assures you the new series definitely looks a lot darker and a lot sexier than the original. This is one of the best TV series of 2011 that offers to our television and on the online screen so watch out for the premiere of the Teen Wolf this June