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Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 10: Fury

Watch Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 10: Fury Online – With the astounding twist and scenario last week that really surprise us, we can simply expect for more exciting part of Teen Wolf Season 2 to invade our night watching habit for many considered that the Party Guessed episode is the best so far. Therefore, all the consequences of the previous action made from the last episode will be reveal or show in the upcoming one on Monday night with the badass Allison being on the front line as she vow her vengeance to Derek for the death of her mother which in fact is a plan made by Gerard Argent who use the death of Victoria as an opportunity to ignite the fire on the hearth of Allison to kill werewolves.

Alright, it seems like that our lovely Allison is really going to change and even Scott will surely be affected with it. The twist last week about Matt being the Kanima master is really crazy and unexpected that many has been surprised and this time, we should be ready to see Matt on the badass way too. For sure, it will be really cool to find out what the relation of Matt to Jackson is and why he becomes the Kanima master? But some of the audiences don’t want Matt to die on the process and expecting him to be the good guy at the end of the season while many of the viewers don’t like him too on messing up everything and hanging out with Allison.

And there’s Lydia who’s mystery the revolves her is seems to meet the end with Peter Hale being back to life and I think that’s the role of Lydia all this time, she’s the one that Peter use in order for him to be restored once again and our sexy badass Alpha Derek is now back to beta and his life is in danger both in the hands of Peter and of course Allison. Well, everyone simply surprised by Peter Hale and many viewers really hate him while Scott is on the process of being the Superman and acting to save the world from this mess up individuals who’s trying to bring everyone in a perilous journey like Peter and Matt, and the Kanima too. Well, the identity of the other Kanima is also unknown and many questions about the truth behind the Vet, the guidance counselor and also the chemistry professor. I think there are more things that we will find out sooner about these individuals.

And while, Scott is trying to be the superhero from this week Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 10: Fury up to the season 2 finale, Stiles is giving his best too, to be the Batman, not the Robin to his friends and the rest. Obviously, there are more from Stiles that we should really wait to see for it seems like that he has been behind the pedestal in this season as the entire storyline of this book is more focus on Jackson as the Kanima, the Argents, the new pack of Derek and as well as the complications between Scott and Allison.

And what about Derek’s pack, what will happen to them after Peter is back to life, are they going to be with Derek or change their loyalty? Obviously, Isaac is kinda improving and having his control now on his werewolf self, while Erica and Boyd are still striving to control their beast self.  Actually, I really love Derek’s pack and now, I can see him as good guy more than that badass that we used to know him before in the first season of Teen Wolf as he now shows passion for his pack and his cooperation with Scott is kinda amazing. But most of the audiences are really looking forward for some Stiles and Derek ship, I mean the Stirek though we can said that Derek is kinda a weak Alpha.

So, what are you waiting for guys, you better save watchteenwolf.com and be ready to spend every Monday night with Teen Wolf on this site. And everyone should not miss to watch Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 10: Fury on Monday night, July 30, 2012 as it gives us the furious Allison Argent who’s willing to kill for the sake of her dead mother. And now, she’s total pain in the ass of the werewolves as she join the hunters and their vengeance is now going to ignite the flame on the pretty much higher level.